14 Ideas to Fill Blank Pages in Your Planner

In the last post about my planner I wrote about how many plank pages I have in my jurnal, diary or watever you call it. Now I am gonna tell you 14 ways you can fill this pages so you use all the capasity of your notebook.

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1. Motivational quotes
Did this ever happened to you, reading an article or a book and finding a quote that in one way or another grabs you. It's a good option to write it down on your notebook. So you can read it every time you need it: when you feel dejected or you need motivation, etc.

2. Skills to learn
Our journey on this planet is a lifelong learning experience. We learn while we are alive and maybe afterwards. Who knows? Save all your new activities and keep track of your progress during the training process.

3. Bucket list e.g. 30 before 30
The empty sheet is a perfect place for all the places you want to visit or activities to do.

4. Pen testing
Try a new pen or practice your handwriting. I love drawing doodles to.

5. Gift Ideas
If the birthday of your loved ones is coming, make a list of the things you want to buy them. This way you can check how much money you will need.

6. Favorite recipe websites/ Recipes to try / 30 minute meal ideas / Cooking tips
This will make your life much easier. Or at least the time to figure out a meal for the day a little shorter.

7. Healthy snacks list
And you can quickly choice in the store what to buy and what not. Fast and healthy! We are all trying to do that, right?

8. Organizing ideas
You've found a new way to organize part of your house. Save it so you do not forget it. You can share with me too. I need this!

9. Packing list / Before you leave checklist
This will make the beginning of your vacation a lot easier and less stressful.

10. Public holidays & vacation days list
If your work schedule is very tight and crowded, save on important holidays so you do not forget them. Or wait for Facebook to announce you.

11. Calligraphy practice
You remember upwards, I told you how you can practice your handwriting? You can try a new font if you wish to.

12. Planner layout sketches
So you can try them on your next plan spread.

13. Favorite bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers etc.
You may already be following them in social networks, but it will be a sort of backup in emergency situations.

14. Guest list/ Party planner checklist
If you planning a party on a holiday or a birthday party.


  1. Great ideas! Love the calligraphy idea! Never thought about that. Thanks!


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