My Bullet Journal

A while ago I start to write in a planner. In this post I am gonna tell you why I do that and is this help me some way.
imageFirst of all you don’t need expensive stuff to start a diary. My notebook, for example, I received as a gift from a seminar I went to not long ago. It’s a simple notebook with wide rows. To make it "mine" I decided to cover the front and back of it with wrap paper I had at home.

In my opinion, the tape doesn’t look very attractive to the eye, so I used a staple to attach the paper to the notebook. I think it still looks good for six months of use.
imageBecause I have anxiety problems at first I used the notebook to wrote the "successes" I achieved in my life. Whether I've gone somewhere alone or bought something, I always put it here with a sticker for a reward.


I wrote the things I'm grateful for last year as well as what I want to achieve in the new one. For decoration I like to look for doodles in Pinterest and draw them where I like to be.

In recent time, I am marking my lectures' hours at the university and things I have to do at this time. Also, when the time for exams comes, I arrange all the subjects and the homework that I have with them. So easily and quickly I can remember what to do.

Of course, I make many mistakes, but that's absolutely fine for first diary. For example, I have a few blank pages that I never filled up. I have scribbles too. (Although I have them in every school notebook from 1st to 12th grade.) Now I keep writing my daily tasks as well as ideas for the blog.
This notebook helped me to be a bit more organized, as well as comprehending mistakes to fix with my next diary. I can write about this in some other post maybe?

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