My First Month of Blogging!?

Blogging tips for beginners

I've been writing on Tumblr for 2 months and moved to Blogger by 6. July. 

I have been moderator of a teenage forum Two years ago, and started a couple of blogs for a short time but it was nothing serious at all. It's because from when I was a child and started projects I was passionate about, something I could not control screwed up and I immediately gave up. For now I haven't had any problems with the blog.

I hope it's stay this way for now on. 
For the past month I read many articles and books about the perfect blog. I even passed a course! And still feeling like I don't know anything about it. And surely It's so?!

But here are the things I learned for the three months as a "blogger".

1. Be dedicated to what you do, even if it's not your permanent job. If you are not devoted to what you are doing, you are not ambitious. If you have no ambition, there is no progress. If you have no progress, there is no reason to do it at all. Say you want to do it and do it!

2. Write about what others are interested in. If you want that what you write to reach more people, you need to know what they are interested in. Search on Pinterest or Instagram the latest topics for the niche you want to wreat about and find the information. 

Of course, you can't write nonsense. Find enough faithful and new information on the subject! With the development of your blog and the acquisition of true followers, you can afford creating custom content.

3. Choose the platform for your blog that suits you best and stick to it. I had this problem. At first I was wondering which of the options I could choose. Whether it's Tumbl, Blogger, WorldPress, etc. My first blog was at Tumblr, but later decided that it is not so popular аmong the people I want my blog to be for so I moved to Blogger. 

Then it was difficult for me to choose which theme I liked the most and was comfortable/ good to show my posts. After maybe a week I finally set everything as I like it (at least for now). 
I change my mind constantly.

4. Wrote at least 10 post before you lauch your blog publicley. So your readers will have more reading material. You will engage them for longer and there is a better chance of following your blog.

5. Schedule the content of your posts in advance. You may think that blogging is not a difficult and heavy task. Well, It is, believe me! Over time, you will find that making a theme and relevant content that is not an exact copy of other bloggers is difficult. 

Promoting it, even more.

6. Do not steal from other bloggers. You can get ideas for posts, but do not copy them verbatim. Always put something from you. Think about the posts of others you read. Why are you following your favorite blogger? What does he give you that others don't? Now take a look at your blog post and ask yourself, "Would I open this article? Does it catch my eye?" If the answer is Yes, you can click on the "Post" button.

7. When you are writing a post, create at least one link to peep readers into one of your older post. This is also part of the engagement I was talking about above.

8. Update your old post constantly. I do this all the time. That your post is public does not mean it's done. Come back after a day or two, even 5 hours after is published and read it again. Change that you do not like and reupload it.

9. Use other social networks to advertise your posts. I like Pinterest and Instagram. There are some interesting Facebook groups where you can share your content and learn new things about the industry.

10. Be kind to others. This always makes a good impression. 

You know the quote "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." This definitely refers to blogging. If someone asks for your opinion, you can say it, but not roughly!

11. And last but not least set goals and a deadline for compliance. This will help you move forward and grow.

For example, These are my goals by the end of July.
- 8 post on blog (10 in the best case);
- 5,000 page visits
- at least 5 comments
- 100 followers on Pinterest;
- 100 followers on Instagram;

Achieving a large number of true followers to make money from is difficult and time consuming. Here we go back to the first lesson of the article where you should be constant and love what you do, because otherwise you will not stay long enough to succeed.

Do you agree with this? Do you have tricks on how to grow and promote your blog? Write me or leave a link to a post that helps you.

One Month of Blogging. What I Learned.


  1. So many great learnings! I agree, you need to make time and dedicate effort to your blog if you want it to grow.

  2. Thank you for all the great blogging tips!

    Amy |

  3. I couldn't agree more with the points you mentioned, so true, devotion is really important and to produce something different is the key your followers will like you.

  4. Welcome to the blog club. It takes time. Something I haven't been sticking to is scheduling of content its very important! X

  5. Even though I've been blogging for four years or so, there's always still more to be learnt!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. Such good tips!! Definitely handy. I've only been blogging a couple months and still trying to find my footing!
    Isabella |


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